Theatrical company SOTOBAKOMACHI
presents the second Non-Verbal Entertainment “Shinobi – SASUKE “


At the beginning of 17th century, IEYASU TOKUGAWA (later first Shogun of EDO) attempted to terminate TOYOTOMI (a former king family in Osaka) and opened a war called Osaka Summer War.
In spite of the inferior situation of Osaka side, one Samurai team in scarlet YOROI’s (protectors) led by YUKIMURA SANADA had a good fight against the huge TOKUGAWA army.
YUKIMURA himself tried to directly kill IEYASU and was about to succeed, but heavily injured….

Then SASUKE, YUKIMURA’s best Shinobi (Ninja), was disguised as YUKIMURA to save him and made his last charge to kill IEYASU as if YUKIMURA had done it, with a strong determination in his mind, “ I must take a head of IEYASU.”
Under this high tense of the battle field, SASUKE remembered the first time he met with YUKIMURA with some sweet feelings….

Now, Theatrical company SOTOBAKOMACHI presents this show filled with TATE (Chambara action) and dance with just a few words.
You can enjoy how SOTOBA plays the second Non Verbal Entertainment titled “Shinobi - SASUKE “. You can’t miss it!


【Screenplay and Directed by 】
Daichi Sakata


Michina Nanen
Naoki Tanaka[8~12th only]
Yoshihito Niiya[8~12th only]
Yuichi Kubota
Ryota Imoto
Yasuhito Nakamura
Shoko Noto
Kasumi Eto

Miku Kageyama[2,4,9,10,11th]
Yukino Kaneyama
SaeRyung Kim
Syogo Sakai[1~5th only]
Airi Sumida(Smile of Heart)[1,3,5,8,12th]
Saki Hanada
Kohei Yokohama

and more


March 1st (Fri) – March 12th (Tue) , 2019【No shows on 6th (Wed) and 7th (Thu)】
Total 10 shows
Starts 19:30 weekdays, 18:30 weekends
※Ticket Booth 30 minutes before the show, Theater Open 15 minutes before the show
※No Children under 6


【Ticket Fee】
In Advance : 3,000yen, On the door : 3,500yen
Students and Repeaters : 2,500yen


Juso BlackBoxx
Postal Code : 532-0023
Kimura Build. 4th floor, 3-28-16, Juso Higashi, Ohyodo-ku, Osaka city

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Theatrical company SOTOBAKOMACHI

【Ticket Sold at 】
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Ticket Pia:【P cord:492-003】